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Secured access to your clusters

Decide who has access to the data about your clusters.

Whether you have one or multiple on-premises clusters, or a hybrid environment with multiple clusters in
the Cloud, you can monitor them through a single pane of glass.

OKA’s Plugins

OKA’s features are accessible through an extensible set of plugins, available via different software editions.
Whether it is for statistical analysis, the projection of the behavior of your clusters and jobs, or the
automatic detection of anomalies and problems, OKA has a plugin to answer your questions … and if it
doesn’t, OKA is expandable for your specific needs.

Data filtering

Whether you want to look at your data over a specific period or analyze jobs with more than 128 cores
submitted on the production queue by the geothermal laboratory in the first half of the year… OKA offers
advanced, composable and intuitive filtering capabilities allowing you to easily analyze your workloads.

Forecast and detection

Plan in advance the behavior of your clusters: either globally or at the level of a job. Plan your projects on to
low-activity periods; anticipate peaks of load… become proactive and anticipate problems.


How much will it cost to run a specific workload in the cloud? Project the necessary budget based on the
desired scenario.

Then, monitor and control your actual Cloud consumption on a day-to-day basis.

Physical view

Follow the evolution of your metrics server by server and visualize where physically the “hot spots” are

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